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Access to food has become more and more difficult with each passing day due to the melting of glaciers, drought, floods, the frequency and impact of severe weather events due to the increase in temperatures due to the effect of climate change, on the one hand, and the increasing world population on the other.

We believe that sustainable success can be achieved in both Soil Health, phytosanitary and Human Health, thanks to medium and long-term strategies, plans and practices to be determined in both areas in parallel with technological developments.

With this purpose and belief, we, as KİTİNSAN A.Ş, have come together with our experience in the fertilizer industry for many years, as well as our technical knowledge on KITOSAN PRODUCTION. In the light of this unity, it can compete in Turkish and World markets with high added value.

  •  Liquid Chemical Fertilizers
  •  Liquid Organic Fertilizers
  •  Npk Powder Fertilizers
  •  Organomineral Base Fertilizers
  •  We aim to increase your soil fertility with special fertilizers containing Chitosan.


Kitinsan A.S. While setting off with the goal of becoming an important player in the Fertilizer Industry, it includes its Laboratory, Chemists, Chemical Engineers and 100,000 class clean room, with the awareness of Research and Development, which is the most important concept of making a difference.

Fertilizer Production

Our factory consists of 2000 m2 production area, 1000 m2 open area and 500 m2 administrative building in terms of physical structure.

Daily production capacity;

    • 30 Tons of Liquid Fertilizer
    • 25 tons of Powder Fertilizer
    • Sıvı gübre üretimi sırasında optimum pH’lı demineralize arıtılmış su ile kullanıldığından ürettiğimiz sıvı gübreler bitkiler tarafından çok daha kolay ve istenilen seviyelerde alınabilir.
    • Our liquid and powder fertilizer productions are made with original raw materials that have been certified.
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