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What is chitosan?

Chitosan is obtained by Deacetylation of the substance called chitin, which forms the skeleton of arthropods such as Crabs, Shrimp, Lobster and Insects, and is in edible form. It leaves no residue.

Chitosan in Agriculture

It has been proven that it prevents the development of soil and leaf pathogens in many agricultural products, increases the resistance mechanism in plants, and also extends the shelf life of the products. Chitosan and its derivatives attract attention with their possibilities of use in many fields such as biomedicine, food, agriculture, wastewater treatment.

There is a need for extensive research on the use of natural products to prevent and/or reduce the development of mold, pathogen and other pests in agricultural products and to extend the shelf life of products.

In addition to exhibiting antimicrobial activity on bacteria, viruses and fungi, it has been proven in numerous scientific publications that it prevents the development of soil and leaf pathogens in the plants it is applied to and increases the resistance mechanism against microbial diseases.

The widespread use of chitosan is increasing day by day in order to prevent and / or reduce the development of molds, pathogens and other pests in agricultural products, as well as to extend the shelf life of vegetables and fruits.

Chitosan-containing special products

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